KiKi Thunda

Chic-in-Box: KiKi's FAVES


Salt, Pepper, Ketchup a half and half!

If you are from Baltimore, you already know what we are talking about...our infamous chicken boxes.

The Baltimore chicken box is a staple in African American communities and you can pick one up in any local carry out. Filled with 4 or 5 wings and western or regular are sure to get into an argument with a Baltimore native if you don't choose the crown the "right" carryout as QUEEN of the chicken box!'s only right that we create out own!  And in customary chicken box fashion, ours comes complete with 4 lips and eyes (instead of 4 wings and fries).

This box contains (from left to right):

West Baltimore Lashes, #180 Lip Butter, Crazy John's Liquid Matte Lipstick , Whitelock Liquid Matte Lipstick, NEW CHARM CITY LIQUID MATTE LIPSTICK

Note: All Sales are Final. No Returns or Exchange. 

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