KiKi Thunda



All Reds are not created equal! Who doesn't remember standing in line for hours to get in to Hammerjacks when it was free before 10pm? Oh...I do! And, no, I am not talking about the "new" Hammerjacks that was downtown. I'm talking about the "Original" Hammerjacks that was located across from the present day Ravens know what I'm talking about. I also remember telling my mom that I was staying at my best friend's house because her mom would like us go (my mom was not having any of it). Y'all...please don't tell my mom...she still doesn't know. Bitter cold or burning heat...the lines were wrapped around the building. But...the fun we had once we got in!

*Hammerjacks is a true red. Please look at the images of our models and compare our reds so that you can choose the best red for you!


Note: All Sales are Final. No Returns or Exchanges.

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