KiKi Thunda

I Choose Baltimore T-Shirt - Limited Edition


As you know, I am a Baltimore Girl and LOVE my city. So each and every one of our products are named after a person, place, or thing that has played a role in some of the lived BLACK experiences that make Baltimore the city it is today. There are some GLAMBULOUS highs and some disappointing lows in the history of our city...however, what I pray that you take away is the resilience, grit, dedication, passion, love, and spirit that is the Black experience in Baltimore; as it is these same characteristics that we put into all of our products.

We have now placed our mantra, "I Choose Baltimore" on a Limited Edition T-Shirt for all of our Thunda Kats who want to loudly and proudly let the world know that YOU CHOOSE Baltimore too! We continue to make statements without saying a word.

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