KiKi Thunda

KiKi's Favorite Things - On the Go Box

$45.00 $55.99

As a busy entrepreneur and Mom of 3, KiKi's "Everyday" can be crazy! But you know we believe that you can do anything with the right lip, a bad lash...and now we're adding the cutest most multi-functional "make-up bag" all in a custom Holiday Gift Set with a handmade KiKi Thunda ornament.  So, what are KiKi's must have Favorite Things for everyday?

Box Contains:

~This is My Make-Up Bag - Canvas Everyday Tote (size: 13.5"x13.5"x4")

~North Avenue Lip Liner

~ #180 Lip Butter

~Whitelock Liquid Matte Lipstick

~Downtown Lashes

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