KiKi Thunda

Ms. Loftin


We are meeting you in the "middle"!  The pigment in our liquid matte lipsticks meets the shine and moisture of our glosses and it applies like "BUTTER".  Introducing a NEW lip butter.

This LIMITED EDITION shade is named after one of the most amazing Middle School English Teachers EVER!!  This woman changed my life in so many different ways.  From introducing me to Maya Angelou to trusting me to coordinate the Fashion Show for our 8th Grade EXTRAVAGANZA to rocking out with me as we listened to SWV on the many afternoons she took me home...I was made different as a student in her class.  And, no worries, she showed no favoritism as I spent many a day after school writing the dreaded "Paragraph" after doing something I shouldn't have.  I still refuse to write outside of the red margins on a sheet of paper.

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