KiKi Thunda

This is My Make-Up Bag - Travel Tote


YES!! This bag has all of my make-up and everything else I need to travel wherever I want to go.  Whether you're jumping on a flight to warmer weather, sneaking snacks into the movie theater (shhhhh....don't tell anybody), or packing everything you need for a day of meetings to take over the world...this bag has room for it ALL!!  Made of durable canvas with an inner lining that protects your bag against spills (and can be easily wiped off), your "make-up bag" is highly functional and just as fashionable.  With a large button detail to keep your bag closed and an internal zipper pocket to tuck your phone in this multi-use bag is just the GLAMBULOUSNESS that you need.

Size:  17"x12.5"x6.7"

Material:  Natural Canvas (Handwash ONLY)

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