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The first apartment my Mother moved our family to was "off of" Whitelock!  Whitelock is one of those streets in Baltimore that you never say if it is a road, street, avenue, or boulevard.  It's just Whitelock!  She is more than a throughfare, she became a neighborhood.  If you are from Baltimore, you know the sordid history that Whitelock has.  Just blocks away from Druid Hill Park surrounded by the opulent Victorian mansions, beautiful brownstones, and few original cobblestone streets the stories that this neighborhood could share range from the homes of immigrants coming to America to the dividing line of segregation.  From the ravages of drugs to the resurgence of Black excellence.  You can find it all on the streets of Whitelock.

Model shown has paired Whitelock with North Avenue lip pencil

KiKi has paired Whitelock with North Avenue lip pencil and #180 Lip Butter

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