KiKi Thunda

Wrist Strap for Make-Up Bag


You know we are versatile and if you are anything like KiKi you like to use your make-up bags for more than carrying your amazing KiKi Thunda products. So, why not add a detachable wrist straps to ensure that your make-up bag can go from hiding inside of your purse to the cutest statement making clutch anyone has every seen.

There are 5 different colors to choose from: Pink, Red, Black, Yellow, and White

Our wrist straps are made with sturdy nylon and a premium metal clip thatcan be securely attached to the zipper of our make-up bags. They are soft and smooth to ensure that there is no irritation to the skin when it is carried., statements. Dimensions: Strap width: 2.5cm/0.98" Strap Length: 18cm/7"

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